Backyard Mysteries







This is what I used to call my body of work, but Buyaphi reckons I’m predicting propaganda, should we be judged on how we feel about some issues affecting us as South African photographers and just let it go, I say this is a major body of work concerning every South African out there…… I will strive for it to continue, even if it’s not for school but rather as a personal project and see how far it takes me





Went to shoot a lab and clinic based on research methods that have to do with HIV and Aids, Musa Nxumalo a trainer of mine says that it’s safely shot, but I disagree because a lab and clinic have to be represented in a clean and neat way. At the end of the day I’m the photographer and I know my intentions.

People At Work



Morwahla Moeng at Market Photo Workshop




My View Of Photography

My View Of Photography

I composed and shot these images as part of Kickstart assignment for the Intermediate Course in Photography, this is just my basic understanding of Photography and how to interpret thoughts to visuals,how to make people relate to the subject in the images and how to help one understand the life of others without even knowing them….¬†